Disaster Recovery / Continuity Services
Maintaining business function in the event of any unforeseen disaster has become a necessary part of all corporate planning, both for IT and for infrastructure. However, the priorities associated with disaster recovery and business continuity planning are complex and daunting for most corporations.

MAJI has a developed methodology to assist corporations with all aspects of disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Within this methodology, MAJI has initiated a set of service offerings beginning with an industry leading planning software and accompanying services to assist corporations plan and implement workable business continuity solutions that are practical and affordable and to test and refine those plans as objectives and circumstances change.

The first phase of creating an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan is to isolate and identify all business processes, IT functions, human resources, and numerous detailed aspects of maintaining business operation.

In most cases it proves to be an impossible chore for already overburdened staffs to complete effectively. Therefore, more and more firms are deploying business impact and risk assessment applications to reduce the opportunity costs and dynamic nature of this analysis. For this reason, MAJI has looked to partner with the industry's best planning software in terms of comprehensiveness, ease of deployment, and adherence to a best practices standard.

The data from the business impact and IT analysis allows for the development of the actual business continuity plan.

MAJI will assist you in by deploying resources and assets to implement components of the plan including full project management and remote duplicate facilities. MAJI brings in its other strong partnerships with firms such as Veritas, Fujitsu Softek, and EMC to bring their powerful tools to play in the implementation phase of the plan.

Perhaps the most difficult stage of the entire cycle is completion of the extensive and periodic testing that is an essential requirement for business continuity. MAJI will assist your firm in conducting spot-tests and full test scenarios as the plan is pushed to its limits and all contingencies tested.

Process improvement is always a requirement of disaster recovery/business continuity planning. As environments and business priorities change, so should the underlying business continuity plan. Mitigator is an excellent tool because of its modular and dynamic design. It's a plan that grows and changes with your firm and maintains its value through all phases of business growth easily and effectively.

Even if your firm has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. MAJI can assist with all aspects of process improvement, audit, and testing capability as your needs change.

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