Expertise in Information Systems requires a blend of specific technologies knowledge, experience based methodologies and operations know how. These are the value areas where Maji will create the difference.

Maji understands the core mission of any IT department is driven by the needs of its constituents who create and utilize information.

We continually invest to maintain competency with infrastructure technologies in areas of storage, systems hardware, networking, and operating platforms and middleware because the data center is built with products. These all need to be viewed as a system for the delivery of data.

Our focus is to remain current to trends that demand more from operations with regard to performance, ease of management and of course, budgets. We are incorporating new approaches and tools that allow for higher system availability, greater data protection, easier and more powerful data management and delivery.


Customer success is defined by our application of core competencies with an understanding of the underlying technologies.


The MAJI team consists of seasoned professionals from both the enterprise and OEM space with many years of cumulative experience in managing all aspects of IT infrastructure. Our technical and sales staff has been on the forefront of technology and technological advances over the past fifteen years with literally hundreds of projects across all industry verticals.

MAJI understands technology.

With experience comes the ability to problem-solve and drive solutions quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to be able to offer complete solutions that drive quantifiable ROI. The truest test of a partner is the ability to deliver end-to-end solutions with proven solutions at a cost-effective price point.

MAJI saves you money.


Anyone who has been in the industry long enough understands that reliability is one of the most important components of value. No matter how technical proficient a partner is, it's the one who responds to the midnight page that becomes the most valuable.

MAJI understands service.
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