MAJI offers a complete and modular life cycle data architecture service to assist companies implement a comprehensive and evolving data management strategy using proven industry tools and technology. The first module of the complete data architecture service is the MAJI Storage Assessment Program.

The program consists of a two-day on-site engagement with the objective to analyze and assess a customer's current storage environment in terms of utilization, capacity, and performance and the end result is a detailed report that identifies the areas in which to improve and plan for the future.

Client Benefit:

Creating a baseline. The storage assessment creates a starting point for any storage project-whether it concerns adding additional capacity, migrating to networked storage, back-up solutions, DR, or consolidation.

Minimal impact to budget and environment. The program is unobtrusive and clients receive immediate results without investing in a long-term consultancy engagement and without investing in a suite of new software products.

Best practices evaluation for low cost. Through our storage assessment analysis, MAJI is able to identify industry-proven areas of best practice and new methods to enhance ROI in regards to data management.

Get answers fast through a highly focused, streamlined process. By viewing the "snapshot" of their storage environment, clients are able to quickly address deficiencies and architect strategies for improved processes.

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