Our "Follow the Data" focus reflects the fact that the volume of data and the complexity of storage management has become one of the most critical issues facing corporations today.

Having a scalable and stable storage foundation and methodology is a key component to secure and reliable data.

MAJI partners with all the major storage vendors to bring proven solutions to companies, which allow greater control over corporate information. Our approach to storage solution can be summed up by the following distinctions of managing storage:
Who, Where, How data is accessed through the organization, from remote distributed access to insuring a secure corporate environment.

Understanding capacity and utilization through new tools helps to analyze and maximize data utility while ultimately lowering TCO no matter how diverse and heterogeneous your processing environment.

From high availability services such as RAID and clustering to complete backup and replication implementations, MAJI brings a wealth of experience in implementing best of breed solutions to protect data.
Performance, in terms of both price and functionality, is improved through the implementation of corporate SAN and NAS technology. Achieving high band width and the ability to consolidate or add to data capacity quickly and easily all contribute to improving performance.

Government and industry mandates and compliance issues are in the forefront of corporate actions and put an even greater requirement on data retention, archiving, and retrieval. MAJI has developed practices to answer the requirements of Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPAA, ISO 17799 standard, and other new regulatory mandates in order to architect workable solutions that stay budget-conscious.
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